Franklin County




Station 1 - 29 South Potomac Street

Station 2 - 10 Virginia Avenue






(Photo by Aaron Garman)


29 South Potomac Street

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania 17268

Station Phone: (717)762-2616

Chief's Office: (717)762-2515

Fax: (717)749-7917






10 Virginia Avenue

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania 17268

Station Phone: (717)762-2611




The Washington Engine Company was housed in the first

borough hall in the south east corner of the square.



Today's borough hall was built in 1881 and housed both fire companies on the first floor and the Academy of Music on the second and third floors.



July 1900 Firemen's Hall  - 29 South Potomac Street

Formal Dedication of Waynesboro's new fire station



Firemen's Hall 1899 -  The Mechanics were located on the north side of the building and the Hooks on the south. The hall was used as a hospital during the great flu epidemic of 1918.The Station had a pole for each company. This building was torn down  to foundation in the summer of 1967 and rebuilt on the foot print of the old firemen's hall.



A point of contention was the who would polish the brass railing that separated the stairs leading the second floor. Each of the companies took great pride in how their pole out shined the other company's pole.






 Temporary Fire Station at 72 Gay Street  just off the Rotary Parking lot

while "Firemen's Hall" was rebuilt 1967.



The bell being removed from Firemen's Hall



The Current station was dedicated on August 24, 1968

at a cost of $164,000.00

A.T. H. & L. President Robert Ringer

Building Chairman Donald M. Ringer





"KGD-472 to all Waynesboro monitors...."


On December 11, 1989 Waynesboro FireDepartment became the last  fire company in Franklin County to dispatch thier own calls.

 The chief's telephone line (717) 762-2515 was the fire phone that rang at both stations and was answered on the third ring.


Ring the Bell


This bell was once used to call the horses and now

is RINGS in the day room at Station 1.


July of 1990


South Potomac Street Fire Station - Christmas 1969





Above is the architect drawing of the Sudie Clayton Memorial Fire Hall  which cost approximately  $25,000.00, that was made possible by Howard Weaver. The Mechanics president appointed the following members to the building committee: Clarence (Boob) Robinson, Fred Newcomer, Robert Hartman and Orlow Helm Jr. The Weavers gave a plot of land to each of the fire companies and $1000.00. The Mechanics used the money to buy the Hook & Ladder Company's land, for the parking lot to the rear of the station. The station was designed to fit into the community. The Waynesboro Volunteer Fire Department and the community are forever thankful for the wonderful gift.





Ground was broken for the Sudie Clayton Memorial Fire Hall on March 16th 1954.

The station was dedicated on June 11,1955 and the cornerstone was laid on December 24,1955.




WFD Station 2 - Station 2 - 2012





2012 First snow Christmas Eve







May 27, 1975 ground breaking of the Engine Room and Social Room






South Potomac Street Fire Station - 1968


Virginia Avenue Fire Station - 1968






Always There Ambulance Squad


The Always There Ambulance Squad building was at South Potomac and West Second streets. The Waynesboro Ambulance Squad was formed in 1986, and was no longer part of the Waynesboro Fire Department.







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