Franklin County

Station 1 - 29 South Potomac Street

Station 2 - 10 Virinia Avenue




WFD LINE OFFICERS 2015 - 2016  20






Shawn Adolini



Jody Sanders



John Beck


     CAPTAIN 2-1                                 CAPTAIN 2-2

      Brian Starliper                                    Gerald "Tyke" Smith  


     LIEUTENANT 2-1                         LIEUTENANT 2-2

                                                                                   Neil Stover               



Department Chaplain


Jeff Simmers


- Driver / Operators (D/O)



- Career Appratus Operators

 Jerry Hartman

  Steve Biesecker

Robert Biesecker

Craig Myers

_ _ _ _ _


Relief Appratus Operators

Shawn Adolini
Robert Blizzard
John Beck
Mike Bock
Allen Brake
Mark Dale   
George Foster
Brent Frain
Janvier Gilliland
Brad Martin
Dave Martin
Bob Maurer
James Meek Jr.

Joel Oyler

Terry Reiber

Robert Rowe Sr.
Robert Rowe Jr.
Jody Sanders
Brian Starliper
Bryan Stevenson
Trayer Stoops
Josh Simmers
Gary Summers 



Rescue Squad / Brush 2 / Utility 2

Robert Ashway
Arley Scott




Fire Police

2016 - 2017


  Daryl Burnes - Captain

Robert Shank -  LIEUTENANT

Ronald Hilton -  LIEUTENANT

Michael Huff

Robert Rowe Sr. - PRESIDENT

Patsy Burns

Kenneth Hambby

Allen Stine

    Gerald Flood

Joel Flood

Roy Davis -  2ed SGT

James Matthews

Gary Snowberger

Tia Campbell - 1st SGT

James Seilhamber

Stacy Wolf

Donald Shockey

Charles Beale

John Leister

Wayne Miller



Administrative Officers 2015


                              Ray "Rusty - President

                               Eric McKendrick - First Vice President

                               Robert Rowe Sr. - Second Vice President

                               Bryan Stevenson - Treasurer

                               Dave Martin - Assistant Treasure

                               Arley Scott - Secretary

                               Kathy Shaffer - Assistant Secretary

                              James Mathews- Board of  Director

                               Trayer Stoops- Board of  Director

                               Brian Staliper - Board of Director

                               Gary Summers - Historian






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