Franklin County




Station 1 - 29 South Potomac Street

Station 2 - 10 Virgina Avenue


 Room Rentals-



South Potomac Street Fire Station


Capacity 120





Virginia Avenue Fire Station


Capacity 70




NOTE: Waynesboro Fire Department member rate is $10.00



Please Contact the Driver on Duty

at (717) 762-2616 or (717) 762-2611



Social Room Rental Agreement

In order to maintain the Waynesboro Fire Department Social Rooms in a manner that allows the facilities to be the most pleasant for your activity and others renting this room, we ask and require all renters to adhere to the following rules:

 General Social Room Rules for both Station 1 and Station 2

 1.               NO alcoholic beverages are permitted on fire department property at any time.

2.               NO tobacco products or use of illegal drugs are permitted on any fire department property.

3.               The renter or group is responsible for any damage to fire department property.

4.               Children are not permitted to be in the building unless accompanied by an adult. 

5.               The renter agrees to leave the room in the same condition as it was rented to them. All tables and chairs must be returned to the storage area and handled with care.

6.         Renters must remove all trash.  Room must be dry moped or wet moped, if necessary by renter or group. Room must be clean. A $25 fee will be charged for the social room failing post room inspection.

7.         No use of tape on ceiling or walls.

8.         NO DJís or teenage parties without the approval of the Facilities Committee.

9.         Room occupancy must not exceed 120 for Potomac Street and 70 for Virginia Avenue.

10.       Personís or Groups renting the social room are restricted to use of the social room and kitchen.  Other areaís of the building are off limits.

11.       Hours of use are from 7pm-10pm or at the discretion of the Driver on duty.

12.       All damages incurred during rental will be reported to the Facilities Committee or the driver on duty.  The renter(s) is solely responsible for the cost of any repairs or replacements deemed necessary.

13.       The renter(s) are responsible for the conduct of all attending.  Excessive noise or intolerable behavior will not be tolerated and all attending will be asked to leave. Law enforcement will be called if deemed necessary to control or terminate your activity.

14.       24 hour notice is required for any cancellation.  No refund of deposit will be given if this requirement is not met.

15.       The social room will be inspected and approved by the Company upon day of rental.



Station 1 (South Potomac Street)         $100.00 includes use of kitchen

Station 2 (Virginia Avenue)                 $75.00 includes limited use of kitchen

Waynesboro Fire Department Members $10.00 (non-refundable) for both stations, Any member renting the room MUST be present the entire use, or will be charged the full amount.

$30 charge for any returned check.




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