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Station 1 - 29 South Potomac Street

Station 2 - 10 Virginia Avenue



W.F.D. People


Circa 1895 - During this period of time there were still many Civil War veterrans active in the Waynesboro Fire Department. Shown on the center square of Waynesboro is the John Walker Grand Army of the Republic  Post 287.

 H.G. Bonebrake, F.J. Beard, David C. Deatrich, Philp R. Walsh, William A. Price, Lewis Deatrich, John R. Hoeflich, Samuel Hoeflich, George G. Pilkingtion, Thomas J. Cummingham, J.W. Wheeler, Alex Morganthall, George Rhea, James French, Daniel Clevestone, G. Frank Lidy, Abraham Bouder, Michael H. Stoner, James P. Wolff, Jacob R. Wolfersberger, Dr. A.S. Bonebrake, John C. Smith, Charles T. Eckman, Ezra Hanstone, Jacob Potter and Jacob Storm. 


The Waynesboro Fire Department assembled at the Geiser plant on what is now Walnut Street in 1895


Mechanics Steam Fire Engine and Hose Company drill team at South Franklin Street and West Second Street during the 1912 C.V.V.F.A. Convention.


The A.T.H. & L Drill team and marching band.

This building is now the Waynesboro Borough Hall.





March 06, 1948 - Firemen from Blue Ridge Summit, Fort Ritchie and Waynesboro after a barracks fire at Fort Ritchie. If you know anyone in this photo contact us!


Officials gathered at the Sudie Clayton Fire Station in 1957 after the C.V.V.F.A. parade. Left to Right: Fire Chief Orlow Helm, Burgess Dr. Robert Brown, Howard Weaver, Mrs. George Leader, son Sam Leader and governor George Leader

Pennsylvania State Representative Bill Shuman on August 2, 1973 presented a resolution for services rendered in the Sherman Building fire to Fire  Chief Ken Lemmon. In the back row are Robert Biesecker and Jim Valentine. In the front row left to right: Representative Bill Shuman, Bill Biesecker, Fire Chief Ken Lemmon, Merle Biser, C. Nevin Barnhart and Russ Brezler.

The 1916 American LaFrance was named "Tillie"
Left to right: Joe Gosman, Robert Weagle, Jess Byers, Robert Armstrong, Dan Haffner,
Driver - Howard "Fats" Bowen, Dan Strine, Ross Rumburger and Blaine Rock

Driver Raymond Thompson and Fire Chief Orlow Helm

"RT" operating Engine 2-4

Early in 1947 Mr. William Musey - Fire Chief presented that the Firemen's Relief Association the idea of a memorial to the deceased members. Green Hill Cemetery Association and the Burns Hill Cemetery Association each donated a plot for the markers.
The Firemen's Relief Association purchased two stones for each of the cemeteries.
On Sunday May 25, 1947 both stones were unveiled in a dedicatory service.

Please help us identify who is the fire prevention queen and what year?
Raymond Thompson (Paid Driver), ) and fire Chief Kenneth E. Lemmon Sr.

1960's training - three Story jump into the life net

Members of the Mechanics Ladies Auxiliary at the Anthony Wayne Hotel fire.
The firefighter in the picture is Jeff Simmers.

Driver Raymond Thompson's retirement - Mechanics' President Ray T. Waltz presents a life time of service award to "RT".

Ronald Flegel and Barney at the acceptance test of CF-MACK Engine 2-2

Nevin (Barney) Barnhart with the 1950 MACK

December 10, 1976 the second Rescue Squad was delivered at a cost of $37,000.00 and an additional $12,000.00 of new rescue equipment was bought for this unit.

Terry Huff driving the 1955 Mack Ladder truck

Taking delivery of the Engine - Tanker

Left to Right: Gary Summers - Deputy Chief, Donald Ringer - Fire Chief, Lloyd Hamburger - Borough Manager, Tom Painter - Mayor, Robert Shockey - ATH&L Treasurer, Kyd Dietrich - KME Sales person


Life Member - Robert Heckman


Rescue Tech. Class Karen Maurer and Gary Summers rappelling High Rock.

Live Fire Training at Harrisburg Area Community College Public Safety Center 
(L-R) Gary Summers, Trayer Stoops, Rick Rowe

Live Fire Training at Fort Indiantown Gap - One fire before the building collapsed on 8 firefighters
 (Rick Rowe and Montie Rosenberry from Waynesboro).

Vicky (Sanders) Huff, Kevin Keeney and Carroll Woodring 
Always There Ambulance Squad addition.

Career Apparatus Operator Kevin Keeney operating Tower 2


Live fire training

RT and Ladder 2

Ronald Flegel, Herry Mort and Terry Huff inspected the new chassis for the 1991 Rescue Squad 2

1991 Peterbuilt / Swab Rescue Squad Committee
(L - R) Terry Huff, Jody Sanders, Bill Hedrick, James Meek, Henny Mort,  Robert Starliper, Bryan Stevenson, Ed Biesecker and Jim Matthews

Fund Raiser - Car Wash at Station 2

Maryland Firemen's Convention at Ocean City

Deputy Fire Chief Trayer Stoops

WFD Members - Firefighter Robert Doverspike, Career Apparatus Operator Bill Hedrick and Deputy Chief Gary Summers earn the Hurst Jaws of Life "Green Cross" Award for a live rescue.

PA Pump Primers 2004

Bus Rescue Class with Instructor Dana Baker - 1994

LPG and Foam Firefighting Class August 1995

"Step in to my office Probbie"

PA Pump Primers Crew
L/R Chris McGarity, Wayne Miller, Trayer Stoops, Rusty Waltz, Gary Summers, Bryan Stevenson, James Meek, William Sellers, Mike Meek, Rick Rowe

1994 Officers
F/ -Assistant Chief - Henny Mort, Fire Chief - Donald Ringer, Deputy Chief - Gary Summers  R/ Truck Captain - Jody Sanders, Truck Lieutenant - Scott Crum, Engine Captain Rick Rowe

1995 Officers
F/ Assistant Chief -,Gary Summers, Fire Chief - Donald Ringer,
Deputy Chief -  Henny Mort
R/ Engine Lieutenant - Bryan Stevenson, Engine Captain-  Rick Rowe,
Truck Captain - Jody Sanders, Truck Lieutenant - Scott Crum

Career Apparatus Operator Ronald Flegel and Fire Chief Merle Biser


Fire Chief Donald M. Ringer and Deputy Fire Chief Gary Summers

August 09,1997 - The Waynesboro Bicentennial Parade

1980 - Captain 2-22 Randy Monn teaching Jr. members
Gary Summers and Rob Biesecker

(Left to Right) Rob Biesecker, Gary Summers, Bobby Maurer, James Poper, Nevin Barnhart, Jerry Hartman, Terry Reiber, Robert Heckman, Gary Vaughn, Doug Mowen,
and the hose bed Rusty Waltz.

TRAINING - Smoke drills in the East Jr. High School building

Rusty Waltz Driving, Gary Vaughn, Bob Shank and Wayne Miller in the hosebed.

Jan. 15, 1996 - Engine - Tanker 2 delivered from the KME plant to Fire Chief Donald Ringer by Career Apparatus Operator - Ronald Flegel and Deputy Fire Chief Gary Summers

WFD Volleyball on Sunday afternoons

In the hosebed: Trayer Stoops, Chris McGarity, Gary Summers and in the cab Wayne Miller - Crew was headed off to the PA Pump Primers

" I don't always wear Shawn's gear, but when I do - I fine myself on the phone!

The 2012 - 2013 Operations Officers
(L-R) A/C Mark Dale, D/C Trayer Stoops, F/C Dave Martin, Capt. Bob Blizzard, Lt. Josh Simmers, Capt. Brian Starliper and Lt. John Beck

November 29, 2012 - Members come to South Potomac
Street Fire Station to see the new Rescue Squad.

I think I got this now !


March 09, 2012 - The Record Herald, Waynesboro's newspaper had a feature article on Life Member Robert "Bob" Shockley. Bob was this Friday's SUPER SENIOR! Staff Writer Denise Bonura did a very nice job telling everyone what we all ready knew; Bob Shockey has dedicated his life to the service of others! Bob you have earned our respect and love! Please buy a copy of todays Record Herald or check it out on line at http://www.therecordherald. You can meet Bob at BINGO on Saturdays at the Waynesboro Ambulance Squad.


March 07, 2012 at 18:00 hours - Department Training - Mr. Hovis from Vision Warehouse and Distribution Inc. at 144 Cleveland Avenue in Waynesboro, provided the Waynesboro Fire Department with a guided tour of the warehouse complex and the hazard outline of the SARA facility plan. The officers and career staff are working on a pre-operational guideline for the complex.


Jan. 31, 2012 at 10:00 hours - The students and a teacher for Saint Andrews Catholic School presented both fire stations with hand made posters, homemade cookies and a very nice donation for Catholic Schools week.

They thanked us for our service and we thanked them for the poster, cookies and the donation.


Jan. 12, 2012 - Career Apparatus Operator Steve Biesecker up-dates the pump panel on Brush 2. He is repairing the class A foam system and doing other maintenance in the off wildland fire season.


It is with great sadness that we report the passing of past Fire Chief Merle K. Biser on August 22, 2012. Merle has been a familiar face around the fire station in Waynesboro for many decades. Merle was highly respected and will be missed.  Thank you Chief Biser for your service and dedication to the safety of our community.

 Thank you to Company 5 and Truck 27 from Washington County for standing by while the funeral service was conducted.  Company 5  and 4 filled our stations for viewing.

Firefighter Chris McGarity was the first member to slide the pole at the South Potomac Street Fire Station December 1992 - there were poles for each company in the old Firemen's Hall but was removed in 1965. This pole was saved of a old Baltimore City Fire Station.
The pole was removed in June of 2014.

If anyone has information on this photo, contact the WFD web crew..

July 22, 1965 - Firemen  from Waynesboro, Mont Alto and Blue Ridge Summit constructed this portable Reservoir out of ladders and pike poles.
The class was tought by State Department of Education Instructor Ed Snyder.

March 1970 Basic Firemenship Training by the Public Services Institute, Department of Education Harrisburg PA. Completing the course was:

Larry Sease, Mike Bosley, Terry Huff, Fred Kriner, George Foster, Eddie Wolf, Raymond Thompson, Nevin Barnhart, Merle Biser, James Valentine, Ken Lemmon, Russell Brezler,
Robert Swisher, Terry Riber, Norman Eberly Jr., Sam Helfrick, Ronald Flegel, Jerry Hartman, Terry Sheldon, Melvin Barnhart, Bob Wetzel, Allen Stine, James Matthews, and Ken Lemmon jr.

Ambulance Attendants John Reecher and Nevin " Barney" Barnhart take care of a victim of a car vs. truck crash in Wayne Heights.

Terry Huff and Gary Snowberger take care of a "wash down" on West Second Street.

Waynesboro Fire Department Honor Guard 1997

L-R: Scott Crum, Jeffery Simmers, Rick Rowe, Chris McGarity, Dean Cool,
Robert Heckman and Robert Rowe Sr.

WFD Officers 1997

L-R: Henny Mort - Deputy Chief, Trayer Stoops - Engine  Co. Lieutenant, Donald M. Ringer - Fire Chief, Brian Starliper - Truck Co. Lieutenant, Gary Summers - Assistant Chief, Rick Rowe -Engine Company Captain, Absent was Jody Sanders - Truck Co. Captain.

Mechanics S.F.E. & Hose Company President John Reecher awarded Life Membership to
Fred K. Newcomer. Mr. Newcomer was the company's financial secretary over 15 years
and service with distinction.

Career Apparatus Driver - Ray T Waltz

Expansion Groundbreaking - Fire Chief Kenneth Lemmon, Mechanics President John Reecher and Building Committee Chairman Robert Reynolds of the $75,000.00 new social room and two bay addition.

Career Apparatus Driver - Merle K. Biser

The first three men left to right are unknown and the far right is Ray T. Waltz
Please contact the web crew if you know who they are!

Mr. Howard M. Weaver and Mrs. Sudie Clayton Weaver

Fireman Nevin Barnhart, Thomas Ankerbrand and Ronald Flegel during Fire Prevention Week 1974 at the Summitview Electuary School. The children are Berry Jenkins, Craig Bonebrake, Cheryl Rowe and Leigh Zurgable. Show is the recently purchased state of the art 16mm projector with sound. The film was "Holding Hands" a school fire safety program.

John Reecher and Merle K. Biser check the plans for the new
 27 X 38 ft. expansion at Station 2.

June 06, 1975 - First women to receive membership in a Franklin County fire company - Mrs. Mary Lou Smith and Miss. Sanda Channing both licensed practical nurses at the Waynesboro Hospital.

June 23,1975 - Surprise retirement party for Fire Chief Kenneth Lemmon. He was presented a plaque embossed with his original 1934 application. Plaques and gifts from ATH&L president Robert Shockey, Fire-Police president Merle Benchoff and Mechanics president John Reecher. The Mechanics Hose Company Ladies Auxiliary served refreshments.

Ray Waltz - He trained many of Waynesboro apparatus operators
" Water in - water out - calculate - monitor - and stay off the #### radio"

Fire Chief - Donald M. Ringer

No Job to small !

May 19, 1979 - Pennsylvania Pump Primer - First Place
Left nozzle man - Robert Rowe Sr.  / Right nozzle man Gary Summers ( junior member)

Belinda Scheib
Fire Prevention Queen
What year ?

Kathy Reiber
Fire Prevention Queen
What year ?

Candy Florence
Fire Prevention Queen
What year ?

Ray Waltz and Lori Waltz mowing the heliport.
Ray was instrumental in building the first heliport, and the fire department always maintained this site. It was often use by the Mechanics members as a putting green. That was how Station 2 nicknamed the "Country Club". The first flight was an emergency flight of blood by a State Police Helicopter. That Ray later got a ride in the PSP Helicopter.

Don Ringer showing a local boy the big fire hose. The Waynesboro Fire Department was one of the first departments in the United States to have LDH note the writing on the hose "Made in Germany".

Fire Chief Donald M. Ringer and Fire-Police Captain Robert Ringer
"Brothers and Historians"

Graduation for 21 - Twenty-one were awarded diplomas for passing ambulance attendant course at the Waynesboro Hospital. This was only the second time in Pennsylvania the National Department of Transportation course "Transportation the Sick and Injured" was offered in the state. This course was the for runner to Emergency Medical Technician.

 The course included topics such as: the roles and responsibilities of the ambulance attendant,
emergency medical equipment, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, medical emergencies,
poisoning, injuries - wounds and fractures, childbirth and childhood problems.
Participants in the course represented the Waynesboro Fire Department,
Rescue Hose Company - Greencastle, South Mountain Fire Company, and Civil Air Patrol. 
The 27 hour course was taught by 12 area doctors.

Kneeling front: Terry L. Flegel and Terry Reiber.
Seated : Robert Ringer, Clara Mathews, Ruth Waltz, Joyce Groft and William White.
First row standing: Dr. Walter Wolfinger - Instructor, Edmond Perun - Hospital Administrator, Donald Ringer, Ray Corell, Gerald Flood, Raymond Thompson, Joel Flood, Robert Shockey Sr., John Aleman, Ben Thomas Jr. and Matt Matthiensen - consultant emergency health services Harrisburg.
Back row: Gary Hawbaker, Howard Hollinger, Eugene Goetz,
Carol Hawbaker, George Bailey, and Robert Swisher.

Tour of Frick Company
Les White, "Pop" Ringer, Terry Huff, Jim Valentine, Russ Bretzler, Danny Hefner, Darryl Reiber, Vernon Ashway, George Foster, Charles Vores, Jim Sanders, Robert Biesecker, Bill Biesecker, Mike Bosley, Raymond Thompson, James Matthews,
Fire Chief Kenneth Lemmon and Jun Calimer.

Award Banquet November 14, 1992 at the Eagles Club downtown

Relief Apparatus Driver Operator Bryan Stevenson and Fire Chief Don Ringer testing a new fire hydrant on the 200 block of South Oller Avenue in Washington Township.

We are looking for names!

August 10, 1965 present for the delivery of the Salvation Army Canteen Truck:
Millard "Pop" Ringer, Charles Helm, Roland W. Keller - Salvation Army Extension Director, Kenneth  Peiffer, Danial J. Heffner - Local Salvation Army Chairman, Helen Hatt - Salvation Army Assistant Service Director, Herbert Keller - Salvation Army Field (in the door way), Orlow Helm - Fire Chief, Robert B. Brown - Mayor, Jack Harris, Robert Shockey.

1987 - Fire Chief Donald Ringer and Hyattsville Fire Chief Donald "Doc" Moltrup at the
draft site for the training burn at the old Helm's Abatitor on Amsterdam Road.
How Sid Miller got the pictures for the Record Herald Newpaper.

Barney on the Tower

Robert Ringer the fire department's historian hanging fire marks.

December 19, 1975 - Dr. Joseph Stewart and Dr. Bruce Foster are sworn in as company physicians by John Reecher, Mechanics SFE& Hose Company President.

Bob Biesecker washing the 1950 Mack

Mechanics S.F.E. & Hose Company No. 1 - September 29, 1993

1979 Officers
Kneeling: Deputy Fire Chief - Donald M. Ringer and Fire Chief - Merle K. Biser
Standing L/R: Ladder Co. Lieutenant  - Roger Hahn, Engine Co. Captain Ronald Flegel, Ladder Co. Captain - Randy Monn, Assistant Fire Chief - Charles N. Barnhart.

Ronald Flegel and Barney just before the Memorial Day Parade.
This engine was dedicated to the late Fire Chief Orlow E. Helm.
The total cost of this Engine was $93,9215.46 in 1986.

Thursday July 21, 1977 - John Frantz, Jerry Hartman, Robert Hartman and Allen Brake get a last minute briefing from Waynesboro Disaster Chairman Raymond Thompson before departing for Johnson.

April 07,2013
L/R Fire Chief Dave Martin, Lieutenant John Beck, Captain Robert Blizzard, Assistant Chief Mark Dale, Lieutenant Josh Simmers, Deputy Chief Trayer Stoops and Captain Brain Starliper

Past President of the ATH & L Robert Starliper operating Tower 2 on North Church Street.

Life Member Melvin Barnhart at Station 1, He was telling the us about calls in the 60's, 70's and 1980's.

September 21, 1975 - The "JAWS of life" being demonstrated in Chambersburg PA.

July 29, 1995 - Harrisburg Area Community College Hydraulics
 Course at Summitview Elementary School.
This class was one of 16 State or Community College courses in 1995.
Waynesboro had 5696 hours in training by the end of this course and
over 11,000 hours by the end of the year.

Standing  L/R: Ike Wilhide, Raymond Thompson, Harry "Whitey" Smetzer, Millard "Pop" Ringer
Kneeing L/R: Les White, Paul and James Mathews

March 27, 1991 - New Rescue Squad Dedicated
L/R : Borough Council President Kenny Stouffer, Borough Councilman Patrick McCreary, Waynesboro Mayor Louis Barlup, Fire Chief Don Ringer, Committee Chairman James Matthews, Ed Biesecker, Pam Biesecker, Cindy Matthews, Henry Mort, Jody Sanders, A.T.H. & L. President Bill Hedrick and Robert Starliper. Commitee member but not in the photo were: James Meek, Robert Maurer, Bryan Stevenson and Rob Biesecker.

March 22,1979 - Bob Ringer applies clear acrylic lacquer to one of the hand painted and numbered 325 "fire marks" sold to fund the 1979 convention of the Cumberland Valley Firemen's Association.

February 18, 1995 - Saint Paul's United Methodist Church Fire - The Tower Crew

Record Herald picture from 8-11-87. Fire Dept's new French Fry trailer Jim Matthews and Bob Starliper

Waynesboro firemen gathered for a first aid class at the South Potomac Street Fire Hall. Arthur Billow was the class instructor of standard first aid. The class was given when the ATH&L purchased it first ambulance in 1948. We have the names and will list them soon.

Ray T. Waltz - Apparatus Operator

1939 Franklin County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Convention Committee
 composed of members of the both fire companies.

Front row left to right – Clyde Skipper (M), Earl Bailey, Merle Benchoff (H), C.O. Robinson (M), Howard Poper, Howard Weist (H), and David Weyant (H).

Back row left to right– Charles Lesher, Garnet George (M), Alton Potts (M), Maurice Thompson (M), Russsell Potts (H), Philips Staley (M), G.E.C. Shaffer (M) and Guy Wilhide (H).

(M) Mechanic / (H) Hook

June 14, 1970 Zenon C.R. Hanes, The Chairman of the Board of Mack Trucks Inc. was the keynote speaker at the Elks Club's Flag Day Service at the Memorial Park in Waynesboro PA. Wanted his picture taken in the 1964 Mack C model Mack. WFD Engine 2-4.

March 1970 - Waynesboro FIremen Melvin Barnhart and George Foster  take part in ladder training on West Main Street and CV Avenue.

March 6, 1970 - Fireman Ronald Fleagle has on a Scott Air Pack with the face mask cover as part of search and rescue training.

Daniel Johnson Only three members of the original Washington Engine Company and the first president of the Mechanics Steam Fire Engine and Hose Company. He was also fire in 1900.



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