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Station 2 - 10 Virginia Avenue

Calls from 2015


XXX  calls for the year


Averaging XX people per call that includes

Fire-Police and staff on Station.


XXXXX  calls in the first due area and XXX mutual aid responses


Calls per Unit


         Engine Rescue 2 -  XXX  Engine 2-1 - XXX

         Engine 2-2 - XXX           Engine Tanker 2 - XXX

         Tower 2 - XXX             Utility 2 - XXX

         Special Unit 2 - XXX        Brush 2 - XXX


Fire Loss by Municipality


 Waynesboro -  $X

Washington Twp. - $X

Quincy Twp. - $X



Waynesboro Fire Dept & Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue are teaming up for a gun bash on June 4th! Tickets are $10.00 each. Food and beverages are included. Please see the images for details about the event and guns listed. Please see our members or stop by both fire stations.


August 18, 2015 - The volunteers and officers met tonight to go over and play with the new thermal imagining cameras. Class was taught by A/C Beck



August 04, 2015 - Members participated in National Night Out. The crew cooked over 120 hot dogs as well as gave tours of apparatus and set up a landing zone for our friends at Life Net 8-1. Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed a great night.


July 28,2015 - Our members and career staff have been painting the bays of the South Potomac Street Fire Station.


( Photos by WFD Web Crew )

June 20, 2015 at 20:21 hours - Box 2-40 - Single Family Dwelling Fire - 12411 North Welty Road - House hit by lighting - Waynesboro responded with Rescue Engine 2, Engine Tanker 2, Engine 2-1,Utility 2, Chief 2, Deputy Chief 2 and Assistant Chief 2. Assisting on the box was Engine Companies 4, 5, single engine WC 9, Tankers from 5, WC 7, WC 9, AC 3, Truck 17 and Waynesboro Ambulance Squad. The box was held to Waynesboro with Engine Company 5 and Truck 17 filling our station. Damage was limited and units returned to service.




(Photos by Brian DenHam and Markell DeLoatch — Public Opinion)

May 26, 2015 at 03:36 Hours – Box 2-30 – Single Family Dwelling Fire- 11500 Koons Road in Washington Township. First unit on the reported fire showing from all sides and order a defensive attack.  Two adults were inside the home at the time of the fire, both were able to escape without injury because of working smoke detectors. Assisting on the scene was R.H.C. Greencastle, Mont Alto, Blue Ridge Summit, New Franklin, Leitersburg (Md.) and Marion, and the Washington County (Md.) Air Unit, Station 4 Franklin Fire Company, Maugansville (Md.) Fire Departments and Waynesboro Ambulance Squad. There were fire or rescue injuries! The fire was under control at 04:09 hours. The fire is being investigated by the Washington Township Police Department.






(Photos by the WFD webcrew, Tammy Moats, Barbara Sprecher, Patrick Baker)


May 25, 2015 at 04:23 hours - Box 2-01 - Out building Fire - 10 Mount Airy Avenue in the borough of Waynesboro. First arriving units found two detached buildings fully engulfed in flames and fire showing a single family dwelling. The occupants were alerted to the fire by working smoke detectors and were out upon arrival.

Assist Chief John Beck had the command of the units on the scene from Company 2 Engines 2-1, 2-2, Engine Companies from Mont Alto, Greencastle, Blue Ridge Summit, Leitersburg, Long Meadow, New Franklin, Truck 17 and Washington County MD Quint 27, Rescue Squads 7 and 8, BLS Ambulances from Waynesboro, Mont Alto and ALS MICU Ambulance 206, Washington County Air 251 and Firefighter Rehab units Car 2-A and Washington County MD Rehab 255. The Fire- Police 2, 3, 4, and 5 directed traffic around the scene.

More than 50 firefighters made an aggressive effort to limit fire damage inside the home, and saved a good deal of the family's belongings. No injuries were reported. The family is staying with family members while the Waynesboro area and the American Red Cross is providing additional support.

Units were on the scene to after 09:30 while the Waynesboro Police Department Fire Investigator finds the exact cause or location where the fire broke out.




( Photo by Clopper's Fire/EMS/Rescue )

May 23, 2015 at 18:39 hours - Box 3-01 – Mulita Family Dwelling with entrappment-162 and 164 E. Franklin Street in the Borough of Greencastle. Arriving report was a working fire from a two-story, side-by-side wood-frame duplex. Two patents were transported with burns. Waynesboro assisted Rescue Hose with the Rescue Engine 2 and a staffing of 3.

Thank you to the Fiscel family of Duncansville Pa for the donation of items to our museum.






A Waynesboro Fire Department badge, A 1947 C.V.V.F.A. banner, A 1947 convention medallion, and a 1968 C.V.V.F.A. delegates badge for Virginia  (Benchoff) Fiscel.



(Photo from Public opinion)

May 6, 2015 at 16:36 Hours - Box 5-04 – Dwelling Fire – 14 Elm Street in the Borough of Mont Alto. Waynesboro responded Engine 2-2 with a staffing of 5 and Engine Tanker 2 with 2. Chief 5 when on the scene with fire showing from side A and B divisions 1 and 2. Engine Company make quick work of the fire. And Company 2 assisted with mop up.


(Photos by Washington County -LVFC Chief 9 Robert Myerly)

May 6, 2015 at 00:44 Hours – Box 3-02 – Three Alarm Commercial Building fire - 1561 Buchanan Trail East at Shank's Pallets Inc. in Antrim Township.  Waynesboro assisted with water supply and Tower 2 was operating with both master streams.


(Photo by the Web Crew 2)


May 3, 2015 at 17:42 hours – Box 4-01 – Dwelling Fire – 13461 Blue Ridge Avenue in Washington Township. Waynesboro Assisted Company 4 with a room and contents fire on division 2 of single family dwelling. Tower 2’s crew laddered the home and ventilated the roof, also assisted with overhaul. Engine – Tanker 2’s crew rotated manpower on regular work cycles.





(Photos by Leitersburg Fire Department’s A/C Bill Green & Captain Danny Hawbaker)

April 18, 2015 at 13:34 hours – Washington County Box 9 - Technical Rescue Box - Pen Mar High Rock Road at High Rock. Rescue Engine 2, Tower 2 and Duty 2 were dispatched for a hang glider down. Units arrived on scene to find one patient awake and alert about 30 feet down the mountain side. Crews quickly set up a low angle rope system and were able to make quick access to the patient and used the rope system to pull the patient safely up the mountain. Great job & teamwork by all companies involved! Also assisting Leitersburg Fire Department was Washington County Special Operations 20, Rescue Engine 7, Medic 79 and Maryland State Police Trooper 3 and Franklin County units Rescue Engine 4, BLS Ambulance 4-7, Medic 201 and Rescue Squad 19.



(Photos by Denny Clopper and Kitie Smith)

March 25, 2015 at 02:09 hours - Box 2-01 - 2 Alarm Apartment Building Fire - 14 North Potomac Street - Rescue Engine 2 and Lieutenant Smith went on the scene with a working fire on division 2 and requested the working fire dispatch and the second alarm. The build was evacuated upon arrival. One resident was transported to the Waynesboro Hospital for burns to his head and hands. Side B exposure was damaged.

Crew from nine departments spent four hours at the scene. The building sustained major structural damage, particularly on the division 2 and roof. Waynesboro Police Department fire marshal was investigating the cause of the fire.  See more pictures on the Photos Page.


( Photos by Katie Seihamer and Captain Eric McKendrick )

March 22, 2015 at 21:59 Hours - Box 2-90 - Dwelling Fire - 6219 Iron Bridges Road in Washington Township. This incident was first dispatched as outside investigation of smoke in the area. Just after dispatch Franklin County Commutations advised WFD Deputy Chief Jody Sanders that a second call from the original caller said she could see flames from the house. With this pre-arrival information D/C Sanders called for the working fire dispatch. On the box was Engines 2-2, 3-2, 5-1, 17-2, WC 27-1,7-2,Rescue Engines 2, WC 7, WC 9-2, Engine Tankers 2, 3, 8, Tankers 5, WC 9, WC 13, Tower 2, WC Quint 27, Squad 3, WC AIR 25-2, BLS Ambulances 2-7, 2-8, 3-9 with a total staffing of 52 personnel. Deputy Sander had the command and Assistant Chief John Beck had operation and Lieutenant 2-2 Smith had staging and accountability. Crews had heavy fire on division 2 and the attic. The fire was knocked 23:51 hours. Crew were held for an extensive overhaul. The last units were released at 03:47 hours.  The Red Cross was called to assist the family.



 ( Photo F/F Robert Atkinson)


March 16, 2015 at 12:05 hours - Box 2-17 - Vehicle Fire - 10800 block of Wayne Highway in Washington Township - Rescue Engine, Engine Tanker 2 and BLA from Waynesboro Ambulance Squad on the scene with a working fire.



(Photo by James Erdenbrack)

March 14, 2015 at 11:38 Hours - Box 2-01 - Smoke in a single family dwelling - 600 Vista Court. On the assessment was Rescue Engine 2, Engine Tanker 2, Tower 2, Engine 5-1,Rescue Engine 4,WC Rescue Engines 7-1 and 9-1,Truck 17, BLS Ambulance 2-7 and MICU Ambulance 205. The units cleared the scene at 12:23 hours



Second Annual Public Service Awards Banquet

 At the Waynesboro Country Club

March 7, 2015


Waynesboro Police Department Awards

 Waynesboro Police Officer Paul Williams was presented a citation for saving a live at by performing CPR.

Officer Brain Chappell Jr. was awarded for the apprehension of a fugitive that committed five bank robberies.  

Officer Tom Storey was twice awarded for traffic safety enforcement and DUI enforcement.  


(Photo by Dean Cool)

Fire Department Awards were presented to:

(Front row L-R)

Junior member of the year - Harley Kress

Fire Police Captain's Award - Chuck Boyle,

Member of the Year, FP 5th top responder, Fire Police Sargent's Award - Michael Huff

Fire Police Lieutenant's Award and FP Second Top responder - Roy Davis

Fire Police Appreciation Award and FP Top Responder - Tia Campbell

Green Cross Rescue Award - Casey Rock

Top Responder - Allen Brake

Apparatus Operator of the Year - Brain Starliper


(Back row L-R)

Green Cross Rescue Award - Shawn Adolini

Fire Police of the Year and FP Third responder - Gerald Flood

Assistant Chief's Award and 5th Top Responder - Neil Stover

Deputy Chief's Award - Tyke Smith

Rookie of the Year - Robert Clayton

Green Cross Rescue Award and Third Top Responder - Tyler Shank

Fire Police of the Year and FP Fourth responder - Joel Flood

Green Cross Rescue Award - Gary Summers


Receiving awards but not in the photo:

Captain’s Award - Chris Daywalt

Lieutenant's Award - Jerry Hartman

4th Top Responder - Josh Simmers

Green Cross Rescue Award - Rob Biesecker

Green Cross Rescue Award - Bill Hedrick


17 member were given their life member for 25 years of service and 12 member were honored for 50 years of services.

The Rowe family was given a shadow box with Tinker's badges and Driver on Duty name plate.


The banquet committee did a great job!

Squad 2 has been re-named Rescue - Engine 2 to better reflect it as a multi functional piece of apparatus.


March 04, 2015
- Station Drill was  fire attack, back-up lines and fire streams.  There were over 20 Firefighter is attendance. It was nice to have members from Blue Ridge Summit and Mont Alto training with us.



Proudly Displaying the levels of Training!


The Firefighter's helmets in are now showing their level of training. The GREEN is for Hazardous Materials at the Operations level,

RED is for interior firefighters, WHITE is for Rescue Technician and

BLUE is Emergency Medical Services Trained.





The Officers and membership of the Waynesboro Fire Department are saddened by the passing Oscar Reed. Oscar passed away on January 22, 2015, after a courageous battle with cancer. Oscar a life member of the Always There Hook and Ladder Company, was a very well-known and well-respected as a firefighter and EMT as well as 911 dispatcher for Franklin County. He was also Past Chief and President of the Waynesboro Ambulance Squad.

( Photo from South Mountain VFD)

Jan. 21 14:51 hours – Rescue Box 4-4 – 9000 Block of Old Forge Road in Quincy Township.
Engine 2-1, Rescue Squad 2 and Chief 2 responded with a total staffing of 10.   Once on the scene crew found a pick-up truck that was in a rollover accident, with a patient confided. Engine and Squad crews controlled hazards, stabilized the vehicle and popped the door. Chief 2 took Old Forge command. Units on the scene were Engines 2-1, 16-1, 4-2, Squad 2, BLS Ambulances 16-8, 4-8. Crews went available at 1525.


(Photo by James Erdenbrack)

Jan. 19, 2015 at 14:09 Hours - Box 5-02 - Garage Fire - 8958 Tomstown Road in Quincy Township - Engine 2-2 and Engine Tanker 2 assisted Mont Alto.









(photos by Steven Biesecker, Shawn Adolini and the web crew)


Jan. 05, 2015 at 13:15 Hours - Box 4-03 - 11334 Weatherstone Drive - Working House - Engine Tanker 2 had fire attack and the initial attack crew. They were quickly evacuated when conditions deteriorated. Tower 2 was placed into service with both master streams. Chief 4 transferred command to Chief 2 during the first operational period.  Crew rotated with the other second alarm assignment. Units were on the scene for about 3 hours.




(Photos byMarkell DeLoatch — Public Opinion)


Jan. 04, 2015 at 15:35 - the 9 box area - Barn Fire - 4980 Hager Road in peters Township - Working Fire Assignment - Tower 2 was assigned fire attack and Engine - Tanker 2 was hauling water.



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