Franklin County

Company 2


Station 1 - 29 South Potomac Street

Station 2 - 10 Virginia Avenue


Calls from 2013

647  calls for the year


Averaging 9 people per call that includes

Fire-Police and staff on Station.


441 calls in the first due area and 206 mutual aid responses


Calls per Unit


            Rescue Squad 2 - 213               Engine 2-1 - 310

            Engine 2-2 - 157                     Engine Tanker 2 - 77

            Tower 2 - 147                         Utility 2 - 118

            Car 2 - 15                               Brush 2 - 40


Fire Loss by Municipality


 Waynesboro -  $ 135,250.00

Washington Twp. - $ 155,500.00

Quincy Twp. - $ 40,000.00

TOTAL FIRE LOSS - $ 294,750.00



Donald M. Ringer (January 15, 1928 - June 24, 2013)
Fire chief 1990 - 1997

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of past Fire Chief Donald M. Ringer (85) on the morning of June 24, 2013. Don has been a familiar face around the Franklin County fire stations and around the world for many decades. Don was very highly respected and will be missed. The positive influence of Don's legacy will live in the thousands of firefighters that he helped in his life time! The Ringer family has ask that any photos taken at the funeral, please sent them to


May 25, 2013 at 15:19 Hours - Box 2-70 - Vehicle Fire / RV  - 916 East Main Street - Engines 2-2, Rescue Squad 2 and BLS Ambulance 2-8. Upon arrival found a working RV fire with exposures. an additional engine was requested. Engine Rescue 4 and their stand-by crew responded. Units were available at 16:09 hours.

May 24, 2013 - A busy day with seven calls.

08:20 Hours - Washington County MD Box 9-02 - Rescue Local - Vehicle Crash - Leitersburg Pike and Miller's Church Road. Rescue Squad with a crew of four assisted on the two vehicle crash by providing patient care and hazard control. Washington County Chief 9 placed units available at 09:02 hours.

12:34 Hours
- Rescue Local - Box 2-01 - Vehicle Crash - East Third Street and Clayton Avenue - The assignment was Engine 2-1, Rescue Squad 2 and BLS Ambulance 2-8.

Engine 2-1 reported two vehicles one on the sidewalk and one on the roadway, no injuries. The incident was released to EMS Chief 2-A at 12:44 hours.

15:50 Hours - Medical Assist - Box 2-01- Brush 2, Rescue Squad 2, Utility 5.


17:07 Hours - Medical Assist - Box 2-01- Utility 2 with a crew of four.

18:34 hours - Box 2-01 - Apartment Building Fire - 443 North Church Street - Engines 2-1, 2-2, Rescue Squad 2, Tower 2 and BLS Ambulance 2-8 found a oven fire. Engine Companies from Mont Alto, Leitersburg, MD and Truck Company from New Franklin were on the box. It was quickly extinguished And Captain 2-1 held Engine 2-1, Rescue Squad 2 and the Tower for overhaul and ventilation. Waynesboro had a crew total staffing of 14 and eight Fire - Police.

18:44 Hours - Medical Assist - Box 2-01-Engine 2-2, Engine 5-2 from the transfer.

23:27 Hours - Rescue Box 2-01 - Vehicle Crash with confinement - Engine 2-1, Rescue Squad 2, BLS Ambulances from Co. 2A and Medic 203. Engine 2-1 arrived to find a single vehicle wedged between a utility pole and a guardrail. EMS Chief Rock and the BLS crew reported that the occupants were unharmed. The Medic was cancelled. Captain 2-1 had the Main Street command. Rescue Squad 2 was positioned so that they could winch the car free. The occupants refused transport to the hospital. The Waynesboro Building Inspector was requested to the scene because part of the retaining wall at CVS Pharmacy collapsed. The area was secured and crew were in service.


May 22, 2013 at 20:48 Hours - Box 3-02 - Brush Fire - 11300 Grindstone Hill Road - Engine Tanker assisted Rescue Company with a crew of five.

(Photos by Steven Biesecker)


May 22, 2013 at 11:05 hours - Washington County Box 7-06 - Vehicle Fire ( a TRAIN ) - Pennersville Road and Military Road - Tower 2 and Brush 2 responded to the reported train on fire on the Maryland Midland Rail lines in Cascade MD. Tower 2 was the first fire unit on the scene with fire in the engine compartment. The Tower crew had the attack! Crews were placed in service by Command 7 at 11:45 hours.


(Photos by Tyler Shank and Webcrew)

May 21, 2013 at 16:47 hours - Box 2-70 - Commercial Building Fire - 1510 East Main Street, Advanced Auto Parts - Franklin County DES advised units on dispatch that the building was filling up with smoke and the all employees were out of the building. Waynesboro apparatus was Engine 2-1, Tower 2 and Rescue Squad 2. Assisting on the box was Engine Companies from: Mont Alto, Blue Ridge Summit, Smithsburg and Leitersburg, MD Fountain Dale and Raven Rock F&ES res ponded with Tankers. Fire Chief Dave Martin was first on the scene, took command and confirmed the dispatch. It was quickly determined at there was a fire in the HVAC unit on the roof. Tower 2 as assigned Side C. It only took a few minutes to shut off the power (Lock-out / Tag-out) and extinguish the fire. Units were held for smoke removal until 17:45 Hours.


(Photos by Deputy Chief Stoops)

May 20, 2013 at 20:23 hours - Rescue Box 2-40- Vehicle Crash / Water Rescue - Eigenbrode Lane and Country Club Road - Engine 2-1, Rescue Squad 2, BLS Ambulances and Medic 201 were on the call. Units were available at 21:09 hours.

May 13, 2013 - The Waynesboro Fire Department appointed Gary Summers as official Historian and Museum curator. The Record Herald ran a story on the front page of the paper. Link: The Record Herald .

(Photo by Public Opinion / Markell DeLoatch)

May 06, 2013 at 12:30 Hours - Rescue Box 2-01 - 550 East Second Street - Franklin County Probation Department's presented the Pennsylvania DUI Association's Safety Simulator to Waynesboro Area Senior High School. Engine 2-1, Rescue Squad 2, 2 BLS Ambulances from Waynesboro Ambulance Squad and the Waynesboro Police Department staged an extrication as part of a mock DUI accident in the school's parking lot. A special thank you to Tom Shockey Auto Collision for supplying the vehicles and the towing services.

(photos by Tyler Shank)
May 04, 2013 at 09:05 hours - Box 3-13 - Dwelling Fire - 13013 Grant Shook Road - Engine Tanker 2 with a staffing of 5 was requested to scene just after completing the transfer to Rescue Hose. Engine Tanker's crew and Captain 2-1 was assigned to the basement division for overhaul.

(Photo by Dave Bowen)

May 03, 2013 - Apple Blossom Parade in Winchester Virginia - Rescue Squad 2 took first place in the Heavy Rescue category.

(Photos by Brian Denham)

April 30, 2013 at 15:46 Hours – Box 2-50 – Single Family Dwelling Fire – 8778 Stottlemyer Road – Units on the assignment were engine companies from Waynesboro, Mont Alto, Blue Ridge Summit, South Mountain and Leitersburg, MD. Tanker 5, Engine/Tankers 2, Adams County 3, Tower 2, Rescue Squad 2, and a BLS ambulance from Waynesboro. Engine/Tanker 2 went on the scene with smoke showing Sides A and B of ranch style home. An attack was made and primary search was negative. The dwelling was ventilated, fire was knocked down and crew had to check the attic for extension. Damage was contained to the kitchen and dining area. The resident's dog perished in the fire. Units were in service at 19:09 hours. More of Brain Denham's photo on the Photo Page.

April 29, 2013 at 22:43 - Box 2-01 - Dwelling Fire - 244 South Potomac Street - the assignment was Engine Company 2, Rescue Squad 2, Tower 2, Single engine from Mont Alto and Leitersburg MD, and BLS Ambulance Waynesboro Ambulance Squad. The Tower 2 went on the scene with a Porch Fire.


April 28, 2013 at 10:26 hours - Box 2-01 - Out Building on Fire -To the rear of 141 North Potomac Street - Engine 2-1, Engine Tanker 2, the Duty Officer Lt. Beck and the Fire Chief Martin responded. Engine Tanker 2 with Captain Starliper had a quickly extinguished a small fire next a garage. The Captain held the box to unit responding. The Waynesboro Police Department's Fire Investigation Team was brought in to investigate the fire. Units were in service at 11:40 hours.




(Photos by Arley Scott )

April 27, 2013 - Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA.



April 25, 2013 at 16:46 hours - Box 2-01 - Multi-Dwelling Fire - 218 Hawbaker Avenue - Engine 2-1, Engine Tanker 2, Rescue Squad 2, and Tower 2 Responded from Waynesboro. Assisting on the box was Engine Companies from Blue Ridge Summit, Mont Alto, Leitersburg MD, Ladder Truck 17 from New Franklin and BLS Ambulance 2-7. Waynesboro Police went on the scene with fire showing from the second floor on the Bravo side. Assistant Chief 2 had the command of the bedroom fire. He held Company 2 and Engine 5-2. Units were available at 17:58 hours.



( Photo by Deb Rager and Tyler Shank )

April 23, 2013 at 18:22 Hours - Box 2-01 - Dwelling Fire / Reported to be in the oven - 249 Cleveland Avenue - Engine 2-1, Engine 5-2, Rescue Squad 2 and a BLS Ambulance from 2 responded on the box, But the Duty Officer Captain 2-1 Brian Starliper found a small fire out upon arrival and quickly held the box to Waynesboro units. Units were only on the scene a few minutes.



(Photo by Career D/O Steve Biesecker)

April 20, 2013 at 15:45 hours - Washington County MD  Box 9-04 - Kitchen fire at the Ringgold Church of Christ - 14420 Barkdoll Road. Tower 2 was the first due truck on the box. A sprinkler was activated by a convection oven door being opened at 500 degrees within 2 feet of the sprinkler head, no fire damage just water. The Tower's crew helped with clean up and the happy couple took it all well and ask to have there picture taken in the Tower! Best wishes from the wedding crashers!


( Photos by James Erdenbrack and Curtis Bryan )

April 20,2013 at 14:14 Hours - Box 7-06 - Second Alarm Dwelling Fire - 8202 Lincoln Way East - Engine / Tanker as assigned to water supply sector.



(Photo by Brian Denham, Jennifer Fitch - Herald Mail the Tri-States newspaper and James Erdenbrack)


April 18, 2013 at 21:09 hours - Box 2-50 - Dwelling fire with possible entrapment - 11542 Thames Lane - Company 2 sent Engine 21-, 2-2, Engine / Tanker 2 and Tower 2. First units arrived with smoke showing and everyone out of the house. Captain Starliper took command. Lieutenant John Beck had the inside operations and  Lieutenant 4 had staging.

Crews were met with heavy fire in the side "C" of the home. Searches confirmed that everyone including the pet were safely outside, Two occupants were transported to the Waynesboro Hospital by Waynesboro Ambulance.

 It took two hand hose lines to extinguish the fire, crew ventilated structure and overhaul extensive. The fire started accidentally on the stove, according to the fire chief Dave Martin. Assisting on the assignment were Engine companies from Mont Alto, Blue Ridge Summit and Fountaindale, as well as Smithsburg, Leitersburg from Washington County, Md., Ambulances from Waynesboro and Mont Alto and MEDIC  2. Waynesboro Ambulance Squad and Washington County Re-Hab 255 was staffing the crew Re-Hab sector. The Red Cross of Cumberland Valley was call to assist the occupants.

(Photo by Record Herald)

April 18, 2013 at 13:18 hours - Rescue Box 2-50 - Vehicle Crash overturned with entrapment 11625 Anthony Highway.  Engines 2-1 and 2-2, Washington County MD Engine/Rescue 7, Medic 2 and BLS ambulances from Waynesboro were on the call. The driver suffered only minor injuries and was out of the car upon arrival, after the vehicle flipped onto its roof, hit two mailboxes and sheared off a utility pole.


April 16,2013 at 14:47 Hours - Box 2-01 Rescue Local - Vehicle Crash - Virginia Avenue and East Second Street - Engines 2-1 and 2-2 Responded to the incident and controlled the hazards. Fire-Police was out in force to direct school traffic. Units were in service at 15:28 hours.


(Photo by James Erdenbrack)

April 10, 2013 at 18:15 hours - Washington County Box 7-03 Outside Investigation / Wild land fire. Waynesboro sent Engine 2-2 and Engine/Tanker 2 to the outside investigation assignment. At 18:26 hours Washington County requested Brush 2 to the scene. All three units were on the scene for about 2 hours.

(Photo by the Record Herald - Waynesboro's Newspaper)


(Photos by the Web Crew and The Herald Mail)


April 10, 2013 at 14:24 hours - Box 4-01 - Apartment building fire - 12227 Clermont Avenue - Waynesboro assisted with Engine 2-1, 2-2 and Tower 2. Engine 2-1 laid 1200 feet of 4 inch supply line and still came up 100 feet short. Tower 2's crew was assigned search and rescue, and opened up the division 3 and 4 windows, and laddered the structure on all sides. Engine 2-2 send it's crew to the scene to rotate in as crews went to re-hab. Units were available at 16:34 hours.

April 07,2013 at 22:17 hours -Box 2-01 - 53 North Franklin Street - Local Alarm for inside investigation - Rescue Squad 2's first call Lieutenant John Beck was the driver. Squad 2 was cancelled upon arrival no services needed.

Rescue Squad 2 is IN-SERVICE !

(Photo by Dean Cool)


April 07,2013 at 14:00 hours - Rescue Squad 2 was traditionally housed by the membership pushing the rig into the station. Career Driver George "Tinker" Rowe was given the honor of being the operator, that navigated Rescue Squad into her new home!  The Fire Chief Dave Martin and Department President Robert Rowe Sr. address the attendees. Mayor Richard Starliper thanked the department and praised the community for their support of our town. Chaplain - Jeff Simmers offered a prayer for the department and community that the new Rescue Squad will service.  The driver on duty was Lieutenant John Beck, he pull the Rescue  Squad into position and gave the driver's seat to Tinker. Deputy Chief Trayer Stoops placed the Rescue Squad into service with Franklin County Department of Emergency Services to conclude the ceremony .Representatives from Rescue Hose Company - Greencastle, South Mountain Volunteer Fire Company, and the Waynesboro Police Department were on station. Thank you to Mont Alto Fire Company for the engine transfer. See the more photo page additional pictures.


(Photo by Public Opinion, Markel DeLoatch, James Erdenbrack and the Web Crew)

April 05,2013 at 13:21 Hours - Box 2-01 Industrial Assignment - 100 CV Avenue at Johnson Controls (Frick Company). Automatic fire alarm and 911 call confirmed smoke in computer operations center in the main building. Waynesboro responded with Engine 2-2, Engine-Tanker 2 and Tower 2.  Upon arrival Engine 2-2 laid a four inch supply line and they reported smoke in a one story business complex being evacuated. Assisting on the box was Engine Companies 3,4,5, Adams County Engine - Rescue 3, Truck 17 and 2 BLS ambulances from Waynesboro. Engine 2-2 crew was assigned the interior and the Tower crew went to the roof to check HVAC units. The engine crew with the assistance of plant maintenance found a HVAC motor with burnt bearings and belts. The HVAC unit's power was turned off and it was locked-out and tagged out, the area was metered and ventilated. Units were available at 14:19 hours.


(Photo by Slooflirpa )

April 01,2013 -  All apparatus shall be pull into the stations to prevent backing accidents. APRIL FOOLS -  And to the eleven people that email us got you good! -The Web Crew!


( The WebCrew )

March 30, 2013 at 20:49 hours - Washington County Box 7-06  - Working single family dwelling fire with an exposure - 14627 Pennersville Road in Cascade. Tower 2 responded with a staffing of 6 on the first alarm. Engine Company 2 filled the box with Engine 2-1 with 3 and Engine 2-2 with a staffing of 3, that was up graded to 4 upon arrival. The Tower's crew was assigned ventilation and laddered the structure on all sides. The engine crews from Waynesboro were assigned Safety and RIT. Units were in service at 23:21 hours.

(Photo by the WebCrew)

March 27, 2013 at 07:37 hours - Box 2-01 - Rescue Local Vehicle Crash - East Main Street and Virginia Avenue - Engine 2-1 and 2-2, BLS Ambulance 5-9 (returning from the Hospital)  and BLS Ambulance 2-9  were on the scene with a single car off the roadway with Fire Chief in command. In service time was 07:51 Hours .

(Photo by Tyler Shank)

March 26, 2013 at 20:16 hours - Box 2-01 - Rescue Local Vehicle Crash - East Main Street and Virginia Avenue - Engine 2-2 with a staffing of 3 and Utility 2 with a staffing of 3 and 2 BLS Ambulances from Waynesboro responded on the local alarm assignment. In service time was 21:15 hours.


(Photos by  the Web Crew)

March 23,2013 at 19:03 hours - Washington County Box 9-03 - Pen Mar High Rock Road - Technical Rescue, Hang glider down - Tower 2 with a total staffing of 5 assisted Washington County MD Company 9 and Special Operations 20. Tower 2's crew tied and used a rope lowering system and hauling system to move a 35 foot ladder down the side of the mountain, that was used by members of the Special Operations Team to rescue the one male patient. Also working the scene was Washington County  Rescue Engine 7-2, Blue Ridge Summit Engine 4-2 and BLS Ambulance 4-9, Medic 201, MICU and BLS Ambulance from 79, Washington County Re-Hab Unit 255, and Fire Police from 2 and 4. Tower 2 was in service at 21:29 hours.




(Photos by Sarah Ginn and Patsy Burns and the Web Crew)


March 23,2013 at 10:00 at the Memorial Park at 10:00 AM - Easter Egg Hunt

(Photo by the Web Crew)


March 16, 2013 - Work Detail at Station 1 - Career Apparatus  Steve Biesecker repaired the tank level gauge on Engine 2-2. Thank you to everyone that unloaded and reloaded 2000 feet of 4 inch supply hose.

March 12, 2013 at 01:50 hours - Box 2-40 - 10,952 Buchanan Trail East - Rescue Local Vehicle Crash - Engines 2-1 and 2-2 responded to the incident. Units found a single vehicle off the road on it wheels with a class 4 patient. Engine 2-1 provided lighting for the Washington Township Police Investigation Team, Fire-Police from Companies 2, 4 and 5 rerouted traffic for over two hours. Engine 2-1 and the Fire -Police cleared at 04:12 hours.


( Photo by The Record Herald )

March 11, 2013 at 02:25 hours Box 4-02 - 12518 Pen Mar Road - Garage Fire  with  extension into a single family dwelling - Working fire. Engine Tanker 2 supplied Blue Ridge Summit's Engine 4-2 and the Tower put up ladders and provide lighting. Total staffing from Waynesboro was 10 + 2 Fire Police. Units were in service at 08:38 hours.


(Photos by Janvier Gilliland)


March 10, 2013 at 18:20 hours - Box 4-02 - 14400 Harbaugh Church Road - Working out building fire - Waynesboro sent Engine 2-1 with 2, Engine 2-2 with 4, Engine -Tanker with 1, Tower with 4.The total staff from Waynesboro was 14 + 7 Fire-Police. The Engine 2-2's crew assisted with the attack. Engines 2-1 and Engine Tanker supplied Engine 4-2 and the Tower crew was put to work on salvage and overhaul. In service at 19:36 hours.



(Photos by Janvier Gilliland and the WebCrew)

March 10, 2013 at 13:00 hours - Driver/Operator Training for the New Rescue

 Squad 2. The factory representative gave a detailed in-service of the operations of

the vehicle.


(Photos by Shawn Adolini )


(Photos by Curtis Bryan)

March 09, 2013 at 12:47 - Box 5-05 - 6771 Shoestring Hill Road - Garage Fire - Chief 5 went on the scene just after dispatch with a working fire. Company 2  assisted with Engine 2-2 and Engine-Tanker 2. They were assigned: suppression, supply and overhaul. Units return to service at 14:39 hours . See more of Curtis Bryan's pictures on the photo page!

(Photo by Deputy Chief Stoops)

Mar. 05, 2013 - The new Rescue Squad is being loaded and Driver's training has started.

( Photo by Stephanie Harbaugh / The Record Herald )


Feb. 27, 2013 at 09:24 hours - Box 2-17 - Dwelling Fire - 10748 Wayne Highway North - Engines 2-1, 2-2, Engine - Tanker 2, Tower 2 and BLS Ambulance 2-7 responded from Waynesboro. Also on the assignment was Engines 3-1, 5-2,Tanker 5, Washington County MD Tanker 9, Adams County Engine-Tanker 3 and Truck 17. First arriving units found heavy smoke from the attic. Chief 2 - Dave Martin had the command. The engine crews stretched inch 3/4 attack lines and a back-up line. The second floor ceiling and attic floor had to be opened up to get to the fire. Waynesboro Station 1 was covered by transfers from Washington County MD Engine Company 9 and Truck 42. The box was in service at 11:36, but it took about a hour and half to fill SCBAs, wash the hose, and clean the tools and apparatus.

(Photo by the Web Crew)

Plumbing has been repaired and the new floor installed, as work continues on the recreation room at Virginia Avenue. Soon we will shooting pool and playing cards again....

Northeast Times Star - Where is my fire truck? That’s what John Mooney wants to know. The Philadelphia fireman is offering a reward in his quest to find the thieves that drove his private fire engine into the Delaware River.

Philadelphia Firefighter John Mooney says he never asks a dime from anyone who wants to use his fire engine.

Since buying his own engine, a 1976 Mack, in 2006 from the Waynesboro Volunteer Fire Department in south-central Pennsylvania, Mooney has parked it at block parties, tailgate parties, charity fund-raisers and even weddings. He’s navigated it through parades, military homecoming escorts and memorial processions.

He’s invested about $35,000 into the machine, including a beer tap system, a sound system and a hot tub while maintaining the vehicle’s authentic appearance and functionality – lights and sirens and all.

And his only reward has been his personal enjoyment and the satisfaction in knowing he’s brightened the spirits of countless children and adults.

Earlier this month, some inconsiderate criminals showed their appreciation for his investment of time and money by straying into the gated lot where Mooney parks the fire engine, breaking into the vehicle and driving it into the Delaware River.

The incident happened probably during the early morning hours of Dec. 7,2012. Mooney learned about it late that morning and wasn’t able to get someone to fish the vehicle from the river until that evening after the tide had fallen.

Now, he’s offering another $5,000 from his own pocket to identify and find the culprits.

“It’s just senseless destruction,” Mooney said.

A Parkwood resident, Mooney works as an aide at Battalion 13 at Frankford and Linden avenues. Like many firefighters, he loves the job so much he models his personal life around public service, too.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he traveled to the Gulf Coast to assist in relief efforts there. When he returned to Philadelphia, the fire department hosted a “muster” — that’s fire jargon for a large social gathering of firefighters — at the city’s Fire Academy. That’s where he first spotted the retired Waynesboro engine.

“They had it for sale, so I said I’d buy it, even though I didn’t know what I was going to do with it,” Mooney said.

He soon figured out the second part.

In coordination with Chief Inspector Anthony Boyle of the city’s police department and the Marine Corps Law Enforcement League, he used it to help escort U.S. military men and women returning home from overseas combat.

He brought it to a fund-raiser for the Capt. John Taylor Memorial Fund, named in honor of the Philadelphia Fire Department commander who lost his life in 2004 when he became trapped in a Port Richmond row house blaze caused by an indoor marijuana growing system.

The truck has also appeared in the annual Holmesburg-Mayfair Thanksgiving Parade on Frankford Avenue.

“It’s been all over the place,” Mooney said. “[But] I don’t rent it out at all.”

He parked it at the Quaker City Yacht Club in Tacony, where he’s been a longtime member. Some members and guests were at the club late on Dec. 6. The last of them left at about 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 7, Mooney said.

After dawn that morning, a member who also is a retired police detective returned to the club to find the submerged fire engine. It had been driven down the club’s private boat ramp into the water. Only the cab roof and part of the hot tub remained above the surface.

Mooney was at work when he got the call. He notified police. Another club member found a friend whose father has a heavy-duty tow service. Police divers attached the tow line to the submerged truck.

In reconstructing the crime, Mooney noted that the engine was parked about 500 feet from the water, so somebody had to start the engine. Nobody would’ve been able to push it that far.

Although Mooney had locks installed on the vehicle’s doors for security, there is no locking mechanism on the ignition.

The crooks smashed a window to unlock a door and enter the cab. Mooney thinks that they used one of his tools to break the glass. The crooks then tossed the tool to the ground, where police recovered it in hope of getting some fingerprints from it.

According to Mooney, gaining access to the parking lot probably wasn’t a problem for the crooks. A lock on the gate was already broken.

The club has seen some random vandalism recently and had been planning to buy security cameras. But Mooney says there’s no reason to believe that a personal grudge against him or the club motivated the vandalism.

No additional vandalism occurred that night.

Mooney is paying out of pocket for the reward and the repairs, although he doesn’t know if the fire truck will make a full recovery. He managed to get the waterlogged engine running again, but it doesn’t sound too good. The gauges still have water in them, he said.

Mooney is administering the reward on his own. Information must lead to an arrest and conviction. Anyone with a tip about the case may call Northeast Detectives at 215-686-3

Reporter William Kenny can be reached at 215-354-3031


(Photo by Corey Stull)

Jan. 17, 2013 at 17:46 hours - Fredrick County MD Box 10-24 - Dwelling Fire - 6616A Debold Road - Tower 2 with a staffing of four responded on the first alarm. The Tower's crew was assigned salvage and overhaul. Tower 2 was in service at 19:59 hours.



(Photos by the Web Crew )

Feb. 16, 2013 at 22:02 hours - Box 2-01 - Fire in an apartment building - 25 West Fourth Street - Engine 2-1, 2-2, 4-2, 5-1, 5-2, Washington County 9-2, Truck 17, Washington County MD Truck 27,BLS Ambulance from Waynesboro and Fire Police from Companies 2, 4 and 5 responded on the assignment. At 22:04 hours Deputy Chief 2 when on the scene with fire showing on second floor side-B of a 2 1/2 story brick duplex. Engine 2-2's crew made fast work of the bedroom fire. The Waynesboro Police Department Fire Investigation Unit, determined the cause to be accidental. Units were held until 23:42 hours. Truck 17 and Adams County Engine Company 3 transferred to the Potomac Street Fire Station.   Thank you to the Waynesboro Police Department for tagging the hydrant for us! See more pictures on the Photo Page..


Feb. 14 and 16 - The Waynesboro Fire Department was given tours at Navitor printing plant at 725 Clayton Avenue.  Their operations and emergency plans were reviewed.

2012  Annual Awards Banquet

February 09, 2013 at The Waynesboro Country Club

Sarah Ginn Firefighter of the Year

Mayor Richard Starliper and State Representative Todd Rock


Ronnie Hilton Fire - Police Officer of the Year

Mayor Richard Starliper and State Representative Todd Rock


Tom Shockey and Tom Shockey Auto Collision

Chief Officers Award

LINK to Tom Shockey Auto Collision

Tom Shockey and his staff Heather Laman, Jason Worth, Tony Weller, Tyler Minnich, Dylan Edmondson Also Assistant Chief Mark Dale and Fire Chief Dave Martin. On June 06,2012 at 14:15 hours - They assisted with a vehicle Crash, head on, rollover down an embankment with entrapment and fire on Buchanan Trail East



Lieutenant's Award - Daryl Burns

Captain's Award - Neil Stover

President's Award - Bryan Stevenson, Arley Scott and Sarah Ginn

Fire-Police Sgt. Award - Gerald Flood

Fire - Police Lt. Award - Allen Stine

Fire-Police Capt. Award - Tia Campbell


Jeff Simmers



Pamela Biesecker, William Sellers, Brian Starliper

25 Years of Service Awards


Michael Grove and Ralph Rowe

50 Years of Service Award



Special Guest


Thank You !

Banquet Committee: Arley Scott, Peggy Martin, Robert Shank, Sarah Ginn

Power Company DJ

and the transfer crew from Mont Alto Volunteer Fire Company

(Photo by the Record Herald)

Jan. 08, 2013 at 09:45 hours - Box 2-01 - Rescue Local - Vehicle Crash - East Main and Broad Street - Engine 2-1 and 2-2 as well BLS from Waynesboro Ambulance Squad Responded. One Patient was transported to the Waynesboro Hospital.


(Photos by Captain 2-2 Bob Blizzard)

Feb. 06, 2013 at 04:55 - Box 2-17A - Chimney Fire with Extension - 4925 Shady Lane - Engine 2-1, Engine - Tanker 2 and Tower were assisted by Companies 4,5,17 and Washington County MD 9. First arriving units found fire in the wall. Units cleared the scene at 06:48 hours.


(Photos by The Herald Mail and The Record Herald)

Feb. 04, 2013 at 20:09 hours - Box 4-02 - Dwelling Fire - 12066 North Avenue. Tower 2 took side A of home and Engine 2-1 was directed to stretch a supply line from Ski Way Drive. The Tower's crew laddered the structure and opened the roof. The engine crew assisted inside. Engine 2-2 and Engine Tanker 2 were held in staging. Captain 2-1 had the interior operations and Lieutenant 2-1 had the roof operations. Assistant Chief 2 was the staging officer. Units were in service at 22:51 Hours.

Jan. 29, 2013 - With temperatures in the 60s it was a great day to wash out the bays at Virginia Avenue Fire Station.

(Photo by Colleen Seidel - The Record Herald)

Jan. 23,2013 at 07:16 hours - Rescue Box 2-01 - Vehicle Crash - Single vehicle on its side with confinement. Engines 2-1, 2-2,and  Washington County Rescue / Engine 7-2. One patient was transported by Waynesboro EMS to the Waynesboro Hospital. Units were in service at 07:54 hours.

( Photo by the Web Crew )

Jan. 20, 2013 at 21:03 hours - Rescue Box 2-01 - Vehicle Crash - Eighth and Park Streets - Engine 2-2,Washington County Rescue / Engine 7-2 and Waynesboro EMS BLS Ambulance 2-8 were on the assignment. One patient was transported to the Waynesboro Hospital after impacting two parked cars. Waynesboro Fire Police closed the street, so that the crews could work safely. Duty Officer Lt. Beck placed the units in service at 21:30 hours.


Jan. 20, 2013 at 21:31 - Medical Local Box 2-01 -  Assist  the Ambulance -

Engine 2-2 and the Duty Officer responded . In service at 21:40 hours



(Photos by Deputy Chief Stoops)


Jan. 20, 2013 - Work on the new Rescue Squad is in the final stages!


( Photos by the Web Crew)

Jan. 15, 2013 at 13:02 hours - Box 2-30 - Inside Investigation with a patient - 1222 Poketown Road, Lot number 13 - Engines 2-1, 2-2, Rescue Squad 3 and BLS the Waynesboro Ambulance Squad responded on the assignment. The engine crews found a supply problem with the propane that was use for the homes furnace. Engine company was held until the patient was check by EMS and home was ventilated and monitored with four gas meters before turning it back over to the residents. No one was transported and the box was in service at 13:30 hours.

Jan. 01, 2013 - Three calls to start the year..

04:40 Hours - Box 2-95 - Rescue Local - Vehicle Crash - Wayne Highway South. Engine 2-1 and Rescue Squad 2 assisted EMS, and handled hazard control and lighting. BLS Ambulance 2-9 transported patients from the scene. Units were in service at 05:33 hours.

06:14 hours - Box 2-01 - Assist Waynesboro Ambulance Squad.

13:50 hours - Box 4-03 - Rescue Box - Vehicle Crash - 13030 Washington Township Boulevard - The Duty Officer from Company 4, placed the Rescue Squad in service at 13:57 hours.


 Since March 20th, 2011 - The Web Crew !


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