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Holiday Entertaining Safety

The winter holiday season is a festive and eventful time of year that traditionally includes notable increases in celebrations, family gatherings, and the presence of overnight houseguests. According to a recent study conducted by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), nearly 60 percent of people expect to host guests in their homes during the holiday season.

Preparing for the arrival of guests in the midst of the hectic holiday season can be challenging. While festive decorations and savory food may seem like the most important aspects of holiday entertaining, remember not to overlook the safety of your guests.  Statistics show that incidents of home fires and electrical accidents typically increase during the winter holiday season.

ESFI provides these easy safety tips and resources to help you give the gift of safety to your family and friends this holiday season:

  • Childproof Decorating Tips - ESFI recommends taking the following safety precautions to ensure that this special time of year does not result in a decoration-related tragedy.
  • Gifts for Children - Keep these simple safety tips in mind when selecting holiday gifts for children of all ages.
  • Smoke Alarm Safety Tips - Follow these tips to ensure your family is protected by working, properly installed smoke alarms. Please contact the Waynesboro Fire Department to have smoke detectors installed.
  • Space Heater Safety Tips - Follow all safety warning to keep your home warm and your family safe when using portable electric space heaters.
  • Kids and Cooking Safety Tips - Think of safety precautions to ensure that this special time of year does not result in tragedy for young holiday chefs and kitchen helpers.


Additional information about Fire SafetyEntertaining SafetyChildren's Safetyand safety-related Holiday Gifts can be found in the 2013 Holiday Toolkit and throughout the Holiday Safety


(Photo by career operator Steve Biesecker)


November 11, 2014 at 02:27 hours Commercial Building Fire – Antrim Township, 9156 Molly Pitcher Highway South. Tower 2 and Engine Tanker 2 assisted on the working building fire. Crew were on the scene for nearly three hours an extensive overhaul.



 It is with great sadness that we report the passing of past
 George " Tinker" Rowe
at 00:58 hours on October 10,2014.
Tinker worked both fire stations as a Fire Apparatus Operator and
FF / EMT. He is missed and will be remember for his  ser
vice and dedication to the safety of our community.





We are keeping the Rowe family in our thoughts and prayers.





(Photos by James Erdenbrack and the WFD Webcrew)


September 05,2014 at 18:41 hours. Single family dwelling fire - 212 South Church Street -Engine Company 2, Rescue Squad 2,Tower 2, D/C 2 and A/C 2 were assisted by Engine Companies 4,5, W/C 7 and 9, Truck 17 and BLS from Waynesboro and Mont Alto. Duty 2 ( Captain 2-1 ) went on the scene with smoke showing. The engine crew made a quick knock down and Tower crew ladder each side. Mont Alto's engine crew was assigned ventilation. Truck 17 utilities and salvage. Units were available at 21:05 hours.



Congrations to Courtney Shank and Tyler Shank on the brith of Gavin Robert Shank, he was 7 lbs 15 oz 20 in long. Welcome Rookie!






July 17,2014 at 10:51 - Box 2-01 - Single Family Dwelling Fire - 308 South Church Street. Engine Companies 2, 3, 4, 5, WC 7, WC 9,Tower 2, WC Quint 27, Rescue Squad 2, BLS Ambulance 2-7 and MICU 205.  Upon arrival Tower 2 found a strong odor of smoke. The box was held until crews found a malfunctioning appliance.





The Waynesboro Fire Department and the Franklin County Department of Emergency Services are working together to save lives.

June 25 and 26 representatives of the two departments are going door-to-door checking for working smoke detectors and installing detectors in homes that do not have them.

Weather permitting, they will be out from 5 to 7 PM on West Second Street from South Potomac Street to Fairview Avenue and on Hamilton Avenue from West Second Street to Madison Avenue.

The National Fire Protection Agency said that fire death rate is twice as high in homes that do not have working smoke alarms.

Anyone who does not live in the targeted area and would like a smoke detector installed in their home can call the Waynesboro Fire Department at 762-2616 or Franklin County Department of Emergency Services at 264-2813.



Two rare auction finds make their way to the back to Waynesboro!

A photograph of the 1880 Silsby Steam Engine bought by the Mechanics S.F.E. & Hose Company at the Geiser Company on what is now Walnut Street.  The second photograph is of the 65 foot 1906 Seagrave Aerial Ladder taken 1915 at Firemen’s Hall on South Potomac Street.



(Photos by WFD web crew)


May 28, 2014 at 14:27 hours -  Box 4-2 - 12498 Buchanan Trail East -Assist with the two vehicle  crash with one overturned and heavy entrapment / Engine 2-1 and Rescue Squad 2 responded. Engine 2-1 was diverted to  the landing zone for Life Net 81. Units on the scene were Rescue Engine 4, BLS from 4, Medic 201, Rescue Squad 2 and Engine 19-3. Fire-Police from 2 and 4 had all lanes shut down for about 45 minutes.




(Photos by Lee Monn)


May 16, 2014 The Waynesboro Fire Department had three Water Rescues calls and six Public Serivce Calls for flooding.








(Photos by James Erdenbrack, Brian Denham and the WFD Webcrew)

May 01, 2014 at 17:43 hours – Box 2-01 – Dwelling Fire – 43 North Potomac Street – Rescue Squad was first on the scene and had the attack. Engine 2-1 and 2-2 were laid in from different water grids. Fire was contained to the second floor. Assisting on the box & working fire assignment was Engine Company 3, 4, 5, W/C 7 and 9. Truck 17, W/C Quint 27, W/C Rehab 255, W/C Air 25, and BLS from Waynesboro Ambulance Squad and MICU 205. More pictures on the Photo Page.




April 23, 2014 at 08:38 – Box 2-01- 550 East Second Street - Commercial building fire at the Waynesboro High School. Crews found the fire in a second floor restroom to have been put out by the sprinkler system prior to arrival. Assisting on the box was Mont Alto, Blue Ridge Summit, Greencastle, New Franklin, Leitersburg, and Smithsburg and Waynesboro BLS. The Waynesboro has charged a student in this incident. Overhaul was completed and units clear about 10:15 hours




( Steve Biesecker and Joe Crocetta of the Herald Mail Newspaper Hagerstown)

  April 14, 2014 at 14:47 hours - Box 4-03 - Wildland Fire - 12977 Mentzer gap Road in Washington Township - Engine 2-2 was the first in. Command 4 special requested a first and second alarm structural assignments and multiple brush units as well as the Michaux State Foresty Crew. Ten other departments worked this fire. 



April 13, 2014 at 16:56 hours - Box 5-02 - Working Building Fire / Barn - 5857 Orphanage Road in Quincy Township - WFD assisted with the Engine Company, Engine Tanker and Utility.



April 12, 2014  -  Waynesboro Fire Department annual egg hunt Memorial Park.


(Franklin Fire Company - Chambersburg)


April 11, 2014 at 20:07 hours - Box 5-01 -Working Barn Fire - 4400 Fetterholf Chapel Road in Quincy Township - WFD assisted with the Engine Company and the Engine Tanker.






( Photo by Brian Denham )

April 3,2014 - Tower 2 assisted on the 4 alarm, apartment building fire at 44-46 East Franklin Street in the City of Hagerstown Maryland. The Tower's crew was first assigned RIT and then roof operations.



(Steve Biesecker)

March 15, 2014 - 6127 Clevelandtown Road Boonsboro Washington County MD – Wildland Fire - What started out as a transfer to Mount Aetna Fire Department Station 16, quickly turned into a response to the scene. A total of 72 units worked two days to control the 10 acre fire. The fire started on Clevelandtown Road and spread over the mountain to Moser Road.



March 14, 2014 at 12:41 hours - Box 2-90 - 15052 Honodel Road - Single Family Dwelling Fire – Working fire - On the box was Engine companies 3,4,5,WC 7, WC 9, WC 27 - Tankers from 3, 5, 8, 19, WC 7, WC 9, WC 16, WC 27 - WC Rescue Squad 13, BLS from 2 and WC 79 - WC Rehab 255 and WC Air 25-1.


The family was not home at the time of the fire, but their dog and cat died as the result of the fire. Donations to the family can be made to Kauffman Family Fire Relief Fund at the Neighbors 1st Federal Credit Union. The family is also in need of clothing donations. For information on sizes, contact Connie Kauffman at 387-2386. 





 March 3, 2014 - Waynesboro Hospital Health fair


(Photos by Brian Denham)

March 6, 2014 at 19:57 hours – Washington County MD Box 9-06 – 14305 Barkdoll Road in Ringgold – Single Family Dwelling Fire – Working fire – Units were on the scene until 00:39 hours.




( Photos by Mike Cermak Sr)



February 08, 2014 - The first joint Waynesboro Fire and Police Department - Public Safety Awards Banquet was held at the Waynesboro Country Club.



Firefighter of the year: Tyler Shank
Member of the year : Sue Ann McKendrick
Fire Police of the year: Robert Shank
Fire Chief's award: Trayer Stoops
Deputy Chief/Assistant Chief's award: Joel Oyler
Captains award: John Beck
Lieutenant's award: Tyke Smith
Fire Police Captain's award: Robert Rowe Sr.
Fire Police Lieutenant's award: Tia Campbell
Special Fire Police award: Jim Selihamer

Top 5 Firefighter Responder awards:
1.  Brian Starliper
2.  Allen Brake
3.  Josh Simmers
4.  George Leissler
 5.  Robert Ashway      
Top 5 Fire Police Responder awards :  
1. Ronnie Hilton
2.  Roy Davis
3.  Jim Selihamer
4.  Allen Stine
5.  Gerald Flood
Presidents Award: George "Tinker" Rowe
25 Year Life Member Awards: Tia Campbell, Cliff Campbell jr, Steve Biesecker and Mark Dale
50 Year Life member Awards:  George Finney, John Hess, Kenneth Poper

Jan. 30, 2014 - Box 2-01 - Mickley Avenue and East Main Street - Vehicle Fire

 Jan. 07, 2014 - Box 2-40 - 11625 Gehr Road - Dwelling Fire - Engine 2-1 found the porch of the single family home on fire. The fire was quickly knocked down, the box was down graded 2,4 and 5. One firefighter was transported to the Waynesboro Ambulance 2-9 with a minor injury.

( Photo by Tyler Shank )


Jan. 07, 2014 - Box 2-01 - North Grant Street - Commercial building fire - Company 2 responded with Engine 2-1, Engine - Tanker 2, Squad 2,Tower 2 and Assistant Chief Beck. Assisting one the box was Engine Company 4, 5 and W/C 9, Truck 17. A bad heating unit was the cause of the smoke in the building.



( Photos from the Franiklin County Fire Wire )

 Jan. 07, 2014 - Box 4-02 - 12169 Penmar Road. Commercial building fire. Engine 2-1 and Engine 2-2 were attack and supply. The crew from Tower 2 was assigned ventiolation and assisted with the attack.

( Photo by Denise Bonura THE RECORD HERALD)

Jan. 07,2014 - Box 2-01 - Single Family Dwelling - Engine, Squad and Tower respond from Waynesboro.

(Photos by Tyler Shank)


Jan.04,2014 -  Fairview Elementary School - Box 2-01 - 220 Fairview Avenue for the commercial building fire. Command 2 held company 2 and 5 for a water leak.


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